Single Lady Hires Escort For Erotic Massage

Single Lady Hires Escort For Erotic Massage

Nancy had been living in London for close to twelve years. For her, what she was after was an erotic massage and not just the regular massage. She had an agency that she liked to use, but decided to try the services of London escorts this time around. So she made a call inquiring about their erotic massage, and booked a male London escort to provide the service later that evening. She got his contact information after paying her down payment for his services.

His name was Mark. She gave him her address and directed him where to access the keys to her house and the necessary information to help him prepare for the massage session. On getting to Nancy’s home, he de-cluttered the dining room and prepared the massage table. He also scattered tea candles all around the room. He enhanced the room’s ambiance by adding red rose petals. The room was set for Nancy’s massage.

In the evening when Nancy got back from work, she met with Mark at her residence. He welcomed her in with a light kiss and helped her carry her handbag to the house. After a glass of wine Mark led Nancy to the bathroom for a warm bath as he finalized preparations for the massage. On coming back from the warm bath, Mark had already placed white towels over white sheets on the massage table. He also lit the tea candles. He then gave her another kiss and gently led her to the massage table. She lay down leaving her back exposed. Mark warmed his hands by rubbing them together.

He then gave her a light touch. It was a stroke that began at the head going down to her toes. The touch was so light that it mostly got in contact with her body hairs rather than the body. He then added some oil to his hands and started giving easy and long strokes on her back. He positioned himself behind her head and gave stroke down her back (to the point of almost spinning) and got back up to the sides. Finally her muscles relaxed and warmed up. Mark then kneaded the muscles near her neck and shoulders using his forefingers and thumb. She responded very well to the massage Mark was exerting on these points. One thing that Nancy was impressed with is Mark’s ability to follow the muscles and not go against them.

He then massaged her fingers, wrists, ears, inside of the knees and the elbows. He rubbed his fingers over her scalp and massaged and rubbed every toe and every finger until Nancy was fully relaxed. He also rubbed, kissed and licked her neck, waist area, butts, breasts, belly, toes, and even the soles of her feet. Of all the things that Mark did, he perfected the art of touching her, and she enjoyed every bit. As a result, she got the stimulation she wanted. Mark’s measured touches made her relax and calm down. She got exactly what she paid for, and knew that she would be hiring Mark again.…